In Philadelphia – Pro Docs tackle Kids’ Injuries

High injury rates among young athletes have Philly sports physicians concerned (via NewsWorks)

May 22, 2013 By Maiken Scott, @maikenscott More and more young athletes start focusing on a single sport too early — causing an increase in sports injuries. That was the consensus of three professional team doctors at a discussion on the impact of sports Wednesday.  …

“Just playing a sport, the same sport, the entire year, their bodies are not capable of withstanding it,” he explained.

Ciccotti added that for most kids, sports will not become a profession — and parents and coaches should keep that in mind. He said he is often reminded of this when he examines a young player, and there’s a lot of emotion in the room.

“There is a young athlete on the table, and everyone is there with them, because that young athlete is going to be the next Roy Halladay,” he said. ”In most cases, that’s not really going to happen.”

The team doctors agree that kids should play different sports, to get the benefits of athletic engagement, without so many risks.


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