Keep ’em Healthy, Keep ’em Smart!

My middle school kids have been going through standardized testing this past week, which reminds me of a fascinating study I read about recently.  It’s another reason to keep our kids injury free… bigger, better brains. Research done by psychologists at the University of Illinois studied at the brain differences in kids who are fit and kids who are not.

Girls Soccer high fives - horizontal
Author Sherri Kuhn notes that sports get a bad wrap when intensity is too high, but there may be much good beyond just the physical benefits

An article published in February, 2013 by author Sherri Kuhn, “Youth sports: Good for their muscles and their brain” also cites a study out of Michigan State University doctoral student of Kinesiology Dawn Coe, published in December 2012 in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness:

(Middle School) Students with the highest fitness level performed better on standardized tests and students with the lowest fitness level performed lower in class grades.

Coe’s study, according to Kuhn is the first linking children’s fitness to both improved test scores and better grades overall.


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